Rock band The Aquabats x Vans slipon-branded collection

It’s not just David Bowie and The Vans x who have released The secret photos, but The Aquabats from orange county, California, have also crowdfunded their Aquabats x Vans slip-on collaboration, which will include two pairs of Vans slip-on shoes.

The shoe is designed in Aquabat Blue, The other is Stealth Purple, and The body is a cartoon of The Aquabats. The insoles are all designed in yellow, red and other colors, and a customized shoe box is designed by Parker Jacobs.

The Aquabats x Vans slipon-branded collection is only coming out once, and it’s time to prove “I Am The Aquabats”! At present, this joint series has been booked on the band’s official website, selling price is 85 USD/pair, and the freight is 25 USD