The Casestudy x Vans Vault co-branded collection

Vans Vault’s high end branch is launching a new line of collaborations in South Korea, with Boon the Shop, a Boon’s street-level merchandising brand, called Casestudy. The Casestudy, which is located on the first floor of Boon the Shop’s qingtan store, was first launched after the 2017 “New Boon” store update. It is a typical in-store concept store that starts with an overview of bridging street culture and high-end fashion, and will continue to lead collaborations with various artists and brands.

This time, the high-end branch of the Casestudy x Vans Vault will launch two pairs of co-branded shoes, OG Style 36 and OG Era LX. The most iconic “Mustard” color of the Casestudy will be used as the main color of the shoe body for the suede material treatment of the toe and heel. At the same time, the brand of Casestudy symbolized “bridging” and “cooperation”. The Logo of & was used in the design, and the canvas on both sides was combined into the pattern of Vans’ representative checker pattern. “Casestudy” is written on the back of the outsole.

Both pairs will come with custom dust-resistant bags and a special shoe box. The collaboration will be launched during Seoul fashion week 2019 to express the concept of Casestudy bridging street culture and high fashion. Meanwhile, the whole range will be available exclusively at Boon the Shop on 22 March, with the OG Era LX at 99,000 won; The OG Style 36 LX costs 109,000 won.